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As well as a professional singer-songwriter, I'm also a voice coach and Jungian life coach with more than 15 years experience.  I have worked with hundreds of clients around the world.  I coach both singers and speakers to access their most powerful, expressive and effortless voice.  I want you to feel empowered and naturally confident in front of an audience.

As a voice coach for singers my emphasis is on developing a solid and reliable vocal technique so you are able to freely and creatively express yourself through song.  Whether that is accessing more of your range, building vocal stamina, singing with greater power, developing vibrato, finding greater agility or accessing high notes with ease.

With my Jungian coach training, I also help clients to understand their unconscious mind that's driving their vocal habits, so they're free to choose something new.

All new singing clients must purchase a 75 mins online intro voice session for £120.  This includes:


- A deeper conversation about your vocal experience, current challenges and future goals.

- A vocal assessment, where I'll take you through some voice exercises and hear you sing.

- Practical exercises and techniques to begin to develop and build your voice

- Session recorded for you to refer back to and use to practice.

If we continue working together, I then offer hourly lessons in packs of 3 for £300 or packs of 5 for £475.


I don't offer casual voice lessons as lasting vocal change requires commitment and consistency.


Contact me to find out more or purchase the intro session and I'll be in touch to arrange a date / time.

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